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Press Release: 5Bs Humanitarian Incorporated Feeding the Homeless  At 5Bs Humanitarian Inc, we believe in the magic of giving. It facilitates those in need and adds to the blessings of the giving hand. On May 17th, 2021, our community of donors, supporters and international students all got together to prepare nutritious food packages for distributing them to the needy. Our care for the underprivileged of our community is sincere. Therefore, we enjoy the collective effort
At 5Bs Humanitarian Inc – we believe that every person deserves a home, and all of us have a basic human right for regular meals every day. This belief to facilitate the homeless and the need is what drives us to organize various fundraisers at different points in time. Many of us are either unaware, or indifferent to the hardships being endured by some members of our community. Homeless people reside on streets without shelter, and
5Bs Humanitarian Incorporated Winery Tour On 1st May 2021, 5Bs Humanitarian Incorporated organized yet another amazing get together for both new and existing community members. This time, the event was a Winery Tour Lunch that took place between 10:00am and 3:00pm, at the St Anne’s Winery located in 64 Garrards Lane, Myrniong VIC.The winery hosted a wide range of beautiful wines, that were open for tasting and sales. They also had an interesting range of
5Bs Humanitarian Incorporated celebrates First Year Anniversary High Tea Party Earlier on the second Sunday of April 2021, 5Bs Humanitarian Incorporated organized a successful first anniversary celebration event. The High Tea party took place at the Heritage Lounge, Rendezvous Hotel in Melbourne, on the 11th of April, between 1:00pm and 4:00pm.   In addition to the regularly active community members, celebration event attracted a lot of new participants. This provided everyone with a fun and
The 5Bs Humanitarian Incorporated successfully celebrated the Australia Day 2021 at the Happy Receptions, 199 Sunshine Road, Tottenham VIC 3012 on January 26, 2021 through the leadership of 5Bs Humanitarian Incorporated President Elizabeth Ficnerski.  This is the first-ever event conducted by the group in partnership with the National Australia Day Council. The Multicultural Commission Chairperson Vivienne Nguyen, The Deputy Consul of the Philippine Consulate in Melbourne Anthony Achilles Mandap, and the Consul General of the

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