Press Release: 5Bs Humanitarian Incorporated Feeding the Homeless 

At 5Bs Humanitarian Inc, we believe in the magic of giving. It facilitates those in need and adds to the blessings of the giving hand. On May 17th, 2021, our community of donors, supporters and international students all got together to prepare nutritious food packages for distributing them to the needy. Our care for the underprivileged of our community is sincere. Therefore, we enjoy the collective effort that we all in put in way to facilitate those in need. Our tasty meal packages were prepared with quality ingredients. These included chicken and pork stew with rice and spaghetti. Our approach is not just meant to satiate the hunger of the needy, but also includes an expression of love. We happily engage with all those that we go out to help, making them feel included and valued. It is impossible to have peace in a community where certain members may be going through hunger pains. When constantly ignored, grudge from natural human feel of discrimination could very easily make hungry and vulnerable people go against the affluent in the society. Therefore, care and consideration for them is essential to establish state of harmony amongst the community residents. Our food packages are a gift for the underprivileged – a gift to remember. We encourage our readers to keep their hearts open and continue to make donations to help us facilitate the poor. As the old saying goes, “No one has ever become poor by way of giving to the needy.” So, let’s team up and share our blessings forward.


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