At 5Bs Humanitarian Inc – we believe that every person deserves a home, and all of us have a basic human right for regular meals every day. This belief to facilitate the homeless and the need is what drives us to organize various fundraisers at different points in time.

Many of us are either unaware, or indifferent to the hardships being endured by some members of our community. Homeless people reside on streets without shelter, and often stay hungry without any source of proper food. Through our program, we are motivated to reach out with help to these vulnerable members of our community.

Along with food and shelter, we wish to present them with hope. Hope for a better prospect. Hope for social integration. And, we are determined in way to enhance their communication skills, to gift them with confidence, and to support their mental health.

We are working with a long-term vision. We do not just mean to provide momentary support. We strive to develop ambition, especially with those people in young age. We are committed with our mission to equip the vulnerable with skill, to provide them with security, to establish their human dignity, to communicate peace, to ensure their safety, and to promote their wellbeing.

Lucy Foja and her friend Liz Quimora recently decided to sleep on a Melbourne street with a 33-year-old homeless person Shane Snowden, and his 6-year-old dog Buck for three days. Lucy and Liz are going to practice this solidarity for three days in way to raise funds recovery funds for Shane and Buck. While this is a dangerous prospect for the two ladies, but they are committed to turning over a new leaf for Shane and Buck.

Lucy will be receiving any donation directly in her account, and subsequently making payment to the Redan Apartments in St Kilda – a facility that has agreed to accept Shane and Buck together in their residence.

On rainy day, Shane and Buck normally seek shelter under the bridge in South Wharf. At other t times, the two can be found at the Southgate Promenade. Lucky is looking to collect enough funds to help Shane and Buck reside at the Redan Apartments for at least two night every week, until a long-term sustainable solution may be arranged for them.

Those willing to help may reach out to Lucy on her email address, or may transfer the funds directly to her GoFundMe account through the link presented below:

Alternatively, donors can also reach us out at the 5Bs Humanitarian Inc, and we shall bridge to extend forward the funds to Shane, Buck, and all those in need.

Together we can reduce, prevent, and eliminate human suffering.
Together we can constrain the violence and encourage peace.

Together we can help safe lives and develop collective resilience.

5Bs Humanitarian Inc calls out to all those with a generous heart to contribute with any little amount they can in way to facilitate support for our homeless feeding program.


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