5Bs Humanitarian Incorporated Winery Tour

On 1st May 2021, 5Bs Humanitarian Incorporated organized yet another amazing get together for both new and existing community members. This time, the event was a Winery Tour Lunch that took place between 10:00am and 3:00pm, at the St Anne’s Winery located in 64 Garrards Lane, Myrniong VIC.

The winery hosted a wide range of beautiful wines, that were open for tasting and sales. They also had an interesting range of product merchandize that were put up for sale. Event once again created an ambience for fun and interaction. Amongst other things, highlight of the event was the attendance of the elderly participants, members of families, friends, supporters and donors.

Also present, is one of our humble donors, the ladies from the Face Australian Beauties Pageant. They added beautiful charm to the gathering and enthralled the audience with an attractive fashion show. Guests enjoyed a filling lunch meal along with a variety of win selections. Members and new participants also made some generous contributions in the fund-raising segment – proceeds of which are going to be shared with homeless and hungry residents in Melbourne over the course of next few weeks.

Overall, a refreshing event that got everyone together in good fun, and also helped to raise valuable donations for those that are in a genuine need.


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