5Bs Humanitarian Incorporated


First Year Anniversary High Tea Party

Earlier on the second Sunday of April 2021, 5Bs Humanitarian Incorporated organized a successful first anniversary celebration event. The High Tea party took place at the Heritage Lounge, Rendezvous Hotel in Melbourne, on the 11th of April, between 1:00pm and 4:00pm.   In addition to the regularly active community members, celebration event attracted a lot of new participants. This provided everyone with a fun and engaging environment to network and build up some new acquaintances. To further add up on the excitement, event also included dancing segments and a raffle draw.   The event was inclusive of a delicious spread of high tea buffet. Therefore, everyone had a great time enjoying delicious food and drinks.   Keeping in view the theme of the 5Bs Humanitarian Incorporated, a fund-raising segment was also organized in part with the anniversary celebration. It encouraged participants to make donation for a meaningful cause, close to our hearts.   Towards the end, a handsome fund was raised. The same shall be utilized over the course of next few weeks to feed the homeless and the hungry, that are residing in the city of Melbourne.


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